Hans Schabus


Tuesday 26 April 2022

Lecture and talk with Adelheid Wölfl, Correspondent for South Eastern Europe for Der Standard, exhibition visit and talk with curator Anne Faucheret, Kunsthalle Wien, „Handspells. Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2021“

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Lecture and talk with Katharina Schendl, Gallery LamdaLambdaLambda / Pristina, Exhibition visit and talk with Fanny Hauser, Kevin Space, Becket MWN „Sitcom Architecture“

Tuesday 29 March 2022

Guided tour with Lilli Breuer through the apartment of artist Heinz Frank

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Lecture and talk with artist Anne Wundrak

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Lecture and talk with artist Barbis Ruder

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Lecture and talk with artist Natalia Domínguez Rangel

Wednesday 2 March 2022

Excursion Salzburg: Rupertinum / Franciscan Church / Clemens-Holzmeister-Staircase / „Out of the box: Gordon Matta-Clark“ at the Museum der Moderne

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Visit and talk with Peter Kozek, Angewandte Performance Laboratory, Exhibition visit and talk with Anette Freudenberger, University Gallery Heiligenkreuzer Hof, „how lovecraft saved the world“, visit and talk with Andrea Lumplecker, Klasse für Alle

Sunday 16 January 2022

Finissage Wintersymposion Lindabrunn, within the course „Japanische Linie 2“ by Eva Seiler, participants: Carlotta Lösch-Will, Emma Aarflot, Gabriel Huth, Jonathan Pielmeier, Jonathan Dellago, Julian Siffert, Lisa Sifkovits, Luisa Berghammer, Simon Lindenthaler, with the support of Johanna Tinzl, Wendelin Munter, Claudia Wolf, Peter Paszkiewicz, Marie Lambropoulos, Maria Hietz, Meral Hietz, Korinna Lindinger, Klaus Filip and the Verein Symposion Lindabrunn

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Exhibition visit and talk, Galerie Krinzinger, „Hans Schabus – Der lange Morgen“

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Woodturning workshop with Hermann Viehauser

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Lecture and talk with the Director of the Salzburger Kunstverein Séamus Kealy

Monday 8 November 2021

Glass blowing workshop at Studio Comploj, Vienna

Tuesday 2 November 2021

Vigil and commemoration on the anniversary of the terrorist attack in Vienna

Saturday 23 October 2021

Performance, Tanzquartier Vienna, „Florentina Holzinger – A Devine Comedy“, Photo © Katja Illner/Ruhrtriennale 2021

Friday 22 October–Friday 29 October 2021

Beer Brewing Workshop with the artist Juan Pablo Macías

Photo © Juan Pablo Macías

Monday 18 October–Thursday 21 October 2021

Excursion Eisenstraße: guided tour Köhlerzentrum Hieflau / Leopoldsteiner See, Gedenkstätte für die jüdischen Opfer des Todesmarsches 1945 / hike to Eisenerz, guided tours Museum im alten Rathaus, Schaubergwerk, Zentrum am Berg / Präbichl, guided tour Todesmarschmahnmal/Gedänkstätte KZ-Außenlager Eisenerz / hike (Erzwanderweg) to Vordernberg / guided tour Radwerk IV / hike Vordernberg to St. Peter/Freienstein / guided tour VOEST Alpine Donawitz

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Lecture and workshop „Ideologies of inequality, feminism and contradictions“ with Marie Therese Huth and Carina Maier

From "Red Women's Workshop: Feminist Posters 1974-1990" (detail)

July 2021

Das klügste Pferd

Artist column of the class for Sculpture and Space for STOA169 in Polling, Germany

Jonathan Dellago, Sophie Heizinger, Georg Holzmann, Gea Kalkhof, Sarah Pleier, Raphael Pohl, Martin Sommer

Das klügste Pferd

Studio lamp, bronze casting, wooden board, steel band strapping

Kopf mit Blume, course by Eva Engelbert

Summer term 2021

Eilfriede Berbalk, Museum for Jewellery Crafts and Technology

In conversation with places. Site-responsiveness and the private, course by Fanny Hauser
Summer term 2021
Photo © Peter Mochi

Hard on the heels of...No.10, course by Ludwig Kittinger

Summer term 2021

Tuesday 29 June–Friday 2 July, 2021

Annual exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna "Angewandte Festival 2021", Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Guided tour through the exhibition „And if I devoted my life to one of its feathers?“ with Laura Amann at Kunsthalle Wien

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Exhibition visit and talk with Jeanette Pacher about the exhibition „Here“ by Maria Hassabi at Secession

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Lecture and talk with artist Michaela Schweighofer

Thursday 3 June–Sunday 6 June 2021

Marble workshop at quarry Krastal

Friday May 21–Sunday May 23, Friday May 28–Sunday May 30, Friday June 4–Saturday June 5 2021, 2–8 pm

Oststation am Kempelenpark, Quellenstraße 2A, 1100 Vienna

In conversation with places

Luisa Berghammer, Jonathan Dellago, Anouk Ecker, Daniel Fonatti, Kurt Fritsche, Joshua Gottmanns, Tristan Griessler, Fiona Haderer, Georg Holzmann, Manuel Horak, Anna Hostek, Gabriel Huth, Gea Kalkhof, Simon Lindenthaler, Nicholas Loibl, Leena Lübbe, Luīze Nežberte, Sarah Pleier, Raphael Pohl, Vanessa Preger-McGillivray, Carolina Rotter, Lisa Sifkovits, Martin Sommer, Philipp Steinkellner, Magdalena Stückler, Nanna Erika Troldborg, Susanna van Grinsven, Bartholomaeus Wächter

Curated by Fanny Hauser


Tuesday 4 May 2021

Lecture and talk with artist John Gerrard

Monday 26 April 2021

Talk with Karl Zimmermann, a former worker of the factory Felten & Guilleaume at Oststation am Kempelenpark

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Exhibition visit and talk with Aljoscha Ambrosch, Gallery AAAA, Christian Egger "Eyes, Ears, Screens! (Angst und Zeit)"

The agency of concrete, course by Christoph Weber

Winter term 2020/21

Looking for a temporary consensus, course by Silvia Essl

Winter term 2020/21

Exhibition visit Georg Pinteritsch at Global International