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Sculpture is an opposition, a body, a tension. Sculpture suggests no ideal angle of observation for the viewer. Sculpture is movement. Engaged leg / free leg, the counterpose and what lies in between. Sculpture is spatial, even if intangible and it exists through the relation, we as observers are able to establish. The field of sculpture is potentially most open and broad. Sculpture is material and reflects material in combination with other possible materials and space itself. Space is order and context. Space is location. Sculpture connects with its environment, with the present and with society. Sculpture is presence and provokes immediate perception and experience. The consequences of these processes constantly demand to be questioned and debated anew. Sculpture wants to be generated by us. It needs us, our time, our imagination as well as our doubt in the use of the existent materials. Sculpture burns and space extinguishes.

(Hans Schabus, 2014)



Application guest semester
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Klasse Hans Schabus

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